Shuttle Mobile announced the implementation of the ability to manually select the host radio network in 13 other provinces

In order to improve the performance and develop the capabilities of its smart SIM card, Shuttle Mobile launched the “Manual radio network selection” feature by dialing the command code # 8 * 1 * for 13 other provinces in the new phase of implementing innovative smart technology. It is worth mentioning that this feature was previously available to subscribers in 8 provinces of the country.

Therefore, based on all SIM card subscribers of this mobile operator in 21 provinces of the country, including Khuzestan, Khorasan Razavi, Isfahan, Yazd, Qom, Gilan, Mazandaran and West Azerbaijan, Ilam, Kurdistan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, East Azerbaijan, Kermanshah, Kharbashan, Kerman, Bushehr, Kerman Hamedan and Ardabil by dialing the command code # 1 * 8 * 1 *, the possibility of inquiring and viewing the status of the host radio network and by dialing the command code # 2 * 8 * 1 * the possibility of manually selecting and changing the host network between all three main telephone networks of the country and By dialing the command code # 3 * 8 * 1 *, they can reactivate the smart network selection.

The “host network selection” feature returns to smart selection mode when the subscriber leaves the city of residence or reduces the generation of selected network technology, and automatically selects the best network coverage for subscribers. It is worth mentioning that Mobile Shuttle plans to develop this new feature in other provinces of the country.

Shuttle Mobile is the operator of the new generation of mobile phones in the country, which has provided the possibility of intelligent and automatic connection to the three radio networks of mobile phones in the country. Those interested in receiving more information about Shuttle Mobile smart SIM cards with global coverage of 3G and 4G / LTE with the prefix 0998 and code one, can refer to the website or by calling 09981000000 24 hours a day with mobile sales experts. To be.

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