Shutting down the payment gateway of cryptocurrency exchanges is burning the half-life of the digital economy

Yesterday, on November 21st, news was published by Shaperk that Internet terminals without Inmad will be disabled from November 24th. Following the publication of Shaperk’s letter (dated November 19) addressed to payment companies, a wave of opposition was launched by people active in the field of digital economy.

Today, on November 22, the Blockchain Association of Iran published a statement regarding the confrontation between Shoprak and Central Bank with businesses in the field of cryptocurrency exchange in the year of development of the knowledge-based economy, and pointing out some points about the consequences of this plan, regarding the destruction of future opportunities in the field of digital economy. has warned The first part of this statement reads as follows:

In the last few days, considering the inflammatory situation of the society and the destructive effects of internet slowdown and filtering on online businesses, we have seen a new wave of threats and warnings to impose restrictions on cryptocurrency exchange businesses in the country, this is exemplified by the burning of the half-life body of the digital economy and As a result, we know the exit of human and economic capital from the country.

In the continuation of this text, by hastily reading the decisions in this field and with the aim of preventing the destruction of the upcoming opportunities for the country, some points are presented and written as follows:

On the other hand, Shaperak has stated in a letter addressed to the payers that within the framework of the relevant laws and regulations, providing a virtual payment portal to online businesses by the payment companies and payers is only possible for the owners of this product, and that no action has been taken to grant this product to cryptocurrency businesses. This product itself has never been effective for its intended purpose.

This association has called the traditional license-based approach unsuitable for businesses in the digital economy and declared: “For businesses in the digital economy where the speed of change is high, the traditional license-based approach will never be accountable to the regulator and in the document issued by the National Center for Cyberspace (March 2019) it has been emphasized and the association has informed many times about self-regulation mechanisms.

Blockchain community statement about Shaperk

In the continuation of this statement, the Blockchain Association has misread and written the following:

It is wrong to look for the factors of the depreciation of the national currency and its connection to the field of exchange, because the volume of transparent exchanges of exchange platforms shows its partial effect on the country’s economy, and on the other hand, restrictions on withdrawals from them have been implemented for some time. Cryptocurrency businesses, despite all the ruthlessness, did their best to protect users’ rights and prevent violations, and even with a dedicated tariff line, they are also busy paying taxes transparently.

Three consequences of this new decision are also mentioned in this statement. The first consequence of the implementation of these decisions is “a large outflow of assets to platforms abroad and at the risk of blocking billions of dollars from the capital of Iranian users and cutting off the government’s tax revenue from this area”.

In addition, the underground market of cryptocurrency exchanges thrives and is out of control of healthy businesses. According to the statement of the Blockchain Association, as a result of this incident, crimes and fraud will increase in this area and a wave of dissatisfaction will be created in the five million active users of this area.

The Blockchain Association of Iran considers the other consequences of these decisions to be “the complete destruction of cryptocurrency exchange businesses due to the lack of standard financial circulation tools” and “the loss of capacity and opportunities in this area in the field of employment of working human forces and the departure of elites and the migration of exchange businesses to foreign countries.” stated

At the end of this statement, other consequences of this incident due to the legal restrictions on the possibility of receiving this material have been pointed out and it has been announced that in addition to the field of cryptocurrency exchange, other businesses such as Landtech, crowdfunding and health will also face the risk of closure.

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