Setting up the default browser in Windows 11 eventually gets easier

Microsoft had made changes to Windows 11 settings that made the process of changing the default browser more difficult for users than ever before, and now users have to spend more time replacing other browsers with Edge browser. Each of them can be changed individually to your favorite browser, and you can not set the default Windows browser by selecting only one option.

Now it seems that Microsoft has retreated from its previous position and made these steps more difficult in order to force users to use its browser, and in the latest version of Windows Insider, it has defined 11 options to specify the default browser of users in the settings.

Rafael Rivera, A well-known developer has recently noticed a new change in Windows 11 that will allow users to use HTML, HTTPS, HTTP instead of individual web page extensions and web protocols. And HTM. Set the default browser to do this process at a glance for the mentioned extensions and protocols with a simple button, just like in Windows 10, where this is easy to do.

Microsoft has confirmed that new changes to the default program settings are underway and is currently being tested in Windows 11 Insider builds. This issue was reported by Varj News Agency Aaron Woodman The Windows Team Marketing Assistant acknowledges:

In build 22509 of Insider’s version of Windows 11, released Wednesday to Dev Circle members, we set up a default browser setting for applications that have HTML, HTTPS, and HTTP extensions and protocols. And HTM. They are defined, we have simplified. You will continue to see new things from us through our Windows Insider program that we have tried to make based on your feedback and suggestions.

The remarks came as Microsoft initially defended its decision to make the process more difficult, saying nearly four months ago that it was implementing customer feedback to customize and control defaults at a more precise level. Developers of third-party browsers such as Mozilla, Brio, and even Google have responded to the policy by criticizing Microsoft’s approach to default applications.

The current process of setting the default browser in Windows 11

Users now have to manually configure all extensions and protocols to set the default browser

In Windows 11, however, when a third-party browser or any other application is installed that defines protocols and extensions for opening links or target files of that program, and Microsoft has set its own applications to open them by default in Windows. When you open that file or link, you will be prompted to change the default program to pop-up, and you can specify a new program as the default program to open it.

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This includes out-of-browser links and HTML files. On this page, if the user does not select the default open option for the installed application, they will have to go to the settings for later use and configure the default settings of each protocol or extension manually. Slowly Interestingly, this Microsoft turnaround came amid user outrage over the addition of the Zip plug-in to the Edge browser and Microsoft’s efforts to dissuade users from downloading the Chrome browser.

Microsoft is currently testing the changes, but it is unclear when these fixes will be available to users of the stable version of Windows 11. However, we expect the fixes and improvements to Windows 11 that Microsoft is testing to be reflected in next year ‘s major upgrade. Over the past few weeks, though, we’ve seen some of these improvements, such as redesigning Windows emojis, come in the form of cumulative updates before the release of major annual updates. In any case, paying attention to Microsoft’s feedback and listening to users’ criticisms and using them in future updates of Windows is considered a positive advantage.

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