How to Separate Vocal from a Song without any software?

Separate Vocal from a Song.webp
Separate Vocal from a Song.webp

Have you ever wanted to extract vocals from your favorite song and then try to mix them into another track and upload them on YouTube? If you have, you may have thought that it is a very difficult process, especially if you don’t have access to specialized software. But fret not, because now there are convenient and user-friendly options available. With the rise of AI technology, you can easily remove vocals from songs without the need for any software installation.

Thanks to vocal remover online tools, you can now isolate vocals from songs and create your own karaoke backing tracks or acapella versions effortlessly. These online tools utilize powerful AI algorithms to analyze and separate vocals from the music, providing you with studio-quality results. This means you can achieve professional-level vocal isolation without the hassle of downloading and learning complex vocal separation software.

Whether you want to remix songs, create unique mashups, or simply enjoy singing along to your favorite tracks, these free vocal remover online tools are a game-changer. They offer a convenient and accessible way to remove vocals from any song, allowing you to focus on your creativity and musical expression.

So, the next time you’re eager to separate vocals from a song and explore your musical ideas, remember that you don’t need to rely solely on software solutions. Embrace the power of AI vocal removers and unlock a world of possibilities in your music production journey.

Steps to Separate Vocal from a Song without any software

Step 1. Obtain an MP3 File of the song

To successfully separate the vocals from a song, we rely on AI tools instead of traditional audio software. Fortunately, there are numerous exceptional online tools available for this purpose. However, before utilizing these tools, it is important to download an MP3 version of the desired song. This will enable us to effectively separate the vocals from the instrumental music.

In this case, I will be using this song from Taylor Swift called “I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)”

Open the video on YouTube, skip the ads if you are using any adblocker, then in the URL after YouTube and before the dot, type “pp” and press enter.

This will redirect to, visit the audio section and download the MP3 File on Your System.

Step 2. Separate Vocal from a Song

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the splitter in the left panel.
  3. Scroll down and click on the browse my files.
  4. Select the MP3 file that you downloaded earlier.
  5. Now all you have to do is wait, once the task is complete, you can see 4 audio panels of Music, Vocals, bass. Now you can save the music, vocal, bass and drum separately on your system.

Too many requests from your IP address. Please try again later or become a patron is very powerful but you can use it only once in 24 hours. The second time if you try to upload an Audio, you will see the below error.

Separate Vocal from a Song
Too Many Requests Form Your IP

In order to fix the issue, it is recommended to become a patron or consider using an alternative browser. When using the browser, make sure to always use the Incognito mode to prevent the saving of cookies and cache on your system. Additionally, use a VPN while performing this task so, you should have multiple IP Address.

Other Useful Websites for removing Vocal from Music

Remember that these websites are not free so, choose the one that you prefer the most.

  2. Notta Vocal Remover
  4. Phonicmind
  5. Vocal Remover Pro

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