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Teaching and learning anything requires time, resources and experience. SEO training courses are offered by various sites and companies, but SEO training courses in SEO Iran is a safe way to enter this field.

Basic and advanced SEO training

To be able to learn search engine optimization well, you need to be well acquainted with Google standards and its algorithms. If you want to learn search engine optimization, you must first learn the basics, then gain experience while working on different projects. Iran SEO training course Helps you learn the basics well and gain a full understanding of search engine optimization. To teach basic SEO, you need to learn 6 principles first.

What is the purpose of SEO?

Every business pursues a specific marketing goal, but basically everyone is looking to increase revenue. In fact, the main purpose of SEO is to increase revenue. In SEO training you will learn how to use techniques SEO Improve to increase revenue. Improving your site with SEO will allow you to rank higher in Google serp results and increase your revenue by earning more traffic. For inquiry SEO site price, You can contact SEO Iran.

Before you just think about increasing revenue, you need to understand how search engines work. Google and all search engines have bots or spiders that crawl to rank sites. When you do a Google search for something, search engines will suggest a relevant list. All of the following are included SEO services are.

Keyword selection strategy

First you need to know what words you want to be on the first page of Google. If you research your keywords well and choose the words that are constantly searched by users in your field, you can attract more visitors to your site. In general, it can be said that keywords are of two types. Long or long tail keywords that contain 3 or 4 letters and short or short tail keywords that have 2 letters. Long tail keywords can optimize your pages. They are also easier to get to the first page of Google.

Keywords are a very important part of SEO because they are placed in URLs and meta descriptions. So the strategy of recognizing the right keywords is very important. In SEO training you will get acquainted with techniques that can help you choose the right keywords.

Iran SEO training

The difference between internal SEO and external SEO

In the SEO training course in Iranian SEO, you will gain a good understanding of domestic and foreign SEO. Internal SEO includes everything you do on the site for optimization. External SEO also includes valid links from other sites that are given to your site. Internal SEO includes choosing the right title, optimizing the meta description, internal link building, and so on.

Utilizing UI and UX

In general, it should be said that the main purpose of search engines is to gain the satisfaction of people and visitors. So UX plays a very important role in SEO. Some Google algorithms, such as Rank Brain, thoroughly analyze user behavior to measure their satisfaction with sites. In addition, beautiful appearance to attract the audience and attractive UI is very effective in SEO. People who do not know UX and What is a UI?, In the Iranian SEO training course, they will be well acquainted with it so that they can improve their site ranking.

Generate SEO content

The content you generate for your site is actually the main way to attract customers and search engines. If the techniques White hat SEO You can increase the quality of your site traffic by producing quality content. Search engines penalize sites that publish duplicate content. Long content is more popular with search engines because it can well lead searchers to get what they want. In SEO training, you will learn content production techniques so that you can produce quality content by following those tips.

SEO training

Basic link building training

There are many factors that Google considers in its ranking, but link building is one of the most important factors in Google. Links help search engines understand how useful and reliable your site is. Search engines are very sensitive about links and if you use the black hat SEO technique in link building, you will be fined by Google. SEO training course Understands when to start linking and what strategies to use to build links.

Concluding remarks

Teaching and learning anything requires time, resources and experience. SEO training courses are offered by various sites and companies, but SEO training courses in SEO Iran is a safe way to enter this field. The history of this company in the field of SEO and customer satisfaction has caused SEO in Iran to become a reputable company in the field of SEO. If you want to learn SEO, you can go to the site Iran SEO Company See.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I learn SEO myself?

    In order to get SEO yourself without participating in any course, you should go to sites like SEO Iran and follow their free trainings.

  2. Is SEO hard to learn?

    Learning SEO is not a difficult task and you just have to spend time learning with the right source and then start trial and error.

  3. Can SEO be a good and promising job?

    Yes, SEO is included in the ranking of high-paying jobs in 2021 and is one of the future jobs due to the increasing progress of technology.

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