Sennheiser’s new earbuds help the hearing impaired

to report GizmodoSennheiser doesn’t label the new Conversation Clear Plus earbuds as over-the-counter hearing aids, but markets them as wireless headphones with “advanced speech amplification technology” that, along with active noise cancellation (ANC), makes sounds clearer even in noisy environments. It reaches the listener.

Conversation Clear Plus is sold with three profiles for three different scenarios; The Relax mode allows the user to adjust the background noise, while the Communication and Streaming modes minimize unwanted noise and increase the clarity of surrounding sounds.

Like the previous model with wireless Bluetooth connection, these earbuds promise 9 hours of battery life on a single charge and 27 hours by placing them in the case from time to time. The case of this product is not very small, which can be attributed to the heavy battery of the AirPods.

While the Conversation Clear Plus doesn’t carry a hearing aid tag, it retails for an astronomical $850. That’s a lot more expensive than the most expensive earbuds on the market, but still a lot cheaper than prescription hearing aids.

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