Senior Microsoft employee: An exciting feature will be added to Windows next week

A senior Microsoft employee announced that an exciting feature will be coming to Windows next week. Clayton Hendricks who is the program manager of this company and supervises the fundamental part of Windows, said on his Twitter account:

An exciting feature is coming next week.

written by Neowinone of the key features of Windows that Hendrix Overseeing it is the Task Manager. Of course, there is no evidence that next week’s exciting change is related to this part of Windows, but it is possible that we will see an interesting update to the Task Manager of this operating system.

At the moment, it is not possible to talk precisely about what Microsoft plans to implement on Windows during the next week. Perhaps the company will coordinate the appearance of Task Manager with other visual elements of Windows 11; An action that has been taking place gradually since some time ago. The original Task Manager of Windows 11 was not completely redesigned and uses a design similar to Windows 10.

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After the general release of Windows 11, Microsoft rounded the edges of the Task Manager window and added a set of highlight colors to customize the look of this section. Additionally, users can now use Task Manager’s dark mode. The mentioned changes have been made in line with the visual harmony of this section with the Windows 11 environment.

In addition to making changes to the appearance of Task Manager, Microsoft has also added new features to it.

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