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A TV screen that constantly reflects light can be very annoying to people with sensitive eyes. The glossy screen makes watching your favorite programs impress. Although there are solutions to reduce room light, these solutions are temporary. The permanent solution in this situation is to choose a TV that is suitable for a room with a lot of light. A TV that is suitable for this situation has some features that you need to pay attention to when buying a TV. In the following, you will get acquainted with the features that need to be considered in this case.

Color contrast and brightness

Some TV manufacturers have introduced TVs with anti-glare features that protect your eyes from strong light or sunlight. It can be difficult for you to enjoy watching TV if you are constantly exposed to the glare of a TV screen.

If your room has a lot of light, buy a TV that has a matte screen. If you are planning to buy such a TV, we have it for you Buy a model of 8xVision TVs We suggest. In addition to having a guarantee, this TV is also suitable in terms of quality and price, and its screen is also LED. X-Vision TV has 55/43/49/50 inch sizes that you can get the model you want from the dealership.

Matte screens with protective layers are made of light-emitting technology that can prevent light reflection. This will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows. A display with a full range of dimming technologies on the back of the TV makes it possible to balance the brightness of the TV screen and improve the contrast ratio. Contrast ratio means the point between light and dark, and can indicate the excellent or poor image quality of the TV.

Screen resolution


Screen resolution usually means image resolution. If you want your TV screen to be high resolution in a bright room, you need to buy 1080p resolution and more than 120Hz image matching. The higher the screen resolution, the more pixels and the better the screen image quality.

Image alignment indicates the speed of images that you can see in one second. For a clearer picture, it is important to note that the TV image compatibility should not be less than 120 Hz. If it is less than 120 Hz, you will see blurry or fast images.

One of the TVs that you can consider for a bright room is the GPlus TV, which has a high level of quality and is reasonably priced. You can get this TV from Goldiran dealership, but before buying, be sure to check the specifications, price list and comments related to each model. Smart TV from GPlus brand It is one of the newest TVs available in the market, which is available in 55/50/65/43 inch sizes.

Color range

Today, OLED and K4 TVs are also in high demand due to their higher pixels. There is no doubt that LCDs and LEDs offer a more vivid color spectrum, but the screen of OLED TVs gives you 33177600 pixels more than the screens of traditional TVs.

When buying a TV for a room with a lot of light, choose an OLED TV that offers the classic contrast of deep white and black colors. This allows the screen to light up without reflecting on your eyes due to its protection from light.

Connection ports


A TV suitable for a very bright room should have HDMI and USB ports, because with these connections you can always transfer your data to the TV. In this case, the TV has different applications and you can install speakers and game consoles on it. It is important that the TV has four or more HDMI ports. This allows you to connect more devices to the TV at the same time.


When choosing a TV for a room with a lot of light, look for a screen that gives you a dynamic color spectrum, as this will improve the quality and sharpness of the image. HDR screens They can take pictures Provide HD. This technology is mainly used in video games, cable boxes and crystal DVDs.

HDRs are more suitable for rooms with high light than 4K TVs They are considered because they can provide more colorful and dazzling images. Although the screen 4k provides a clear image but can make your sensitive eyes more irritated. for better understanding The concept of HDR technology Read this article.

Lastly, the concern of some people when buying a TV is what screen is right for their bright home. If you are in this group, you should know that considering the features mentioned in this article can help you a lot in choosing a TV. So, keep these features in mind and make sure they are on the TV you want when you buy them.

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