secret codes of mobile phones; From hardware testing to access to the IMEI code

Smartphone manufacturers consider special codes with various functions for their devices to make the experience of working with them more attractive. Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi, which have captured the Iranian mobile market, offer various codes in their phones.

In Samsung phones, you can get detailed camera information by entering a special code. A dedicated code on the iPhone shows antenna details and another code helps you check the health of the device’s hardware.

Phone hardware test code

One of the interesting secret codes is the code through which hardware testing can be done. This code allows you to be sure of its health when buying a phone. Hardware test code on Samsung phones #*0#* Is. By entering this code, you will enter a new page that allows you to check different parts of the phone.

For example, you can display a completely green or orange image on the screen. With this, you can easily see the burnt pixels of the display or the shadows around it. The hardware test section also makes it possible to check the quality of the speaker and the health of the touch screen and provides other options.

In Xiaomi phones, to enter the hardware test page, you must enter the code *#*#6484#*#* use. Unfortunately, there is no code for iPhone hardware testing.

Phone IMEI check code

The second secret smartphone code allows you to check the IMEI code. This code is used to register the phone. If you buy a used phone, you can make sure that the phone box is not fake by checking the IMEI code and matching it with the code on the box.

On all smartphones, through the command code #06#* IMEI can be viewed. On the new page, depending on the number of SIM cards supported by the phone, you can see one or two IMEI codes along with the device serial number.

SysDump code

By entering the command code #9900#* In Samsung phones, you enter a space called System Dump. The page that opens contains various options. If you don’t have enough information about these options, avoid manipulating them.

The Delete Dumpstate/Logcat option allows you to clear some caches and increase the speed of the device. In Xiaomi and Apple phones, there is no code to enter the System Dump page.

Phone camera information code

Command code #39991539#* It is used in Samsung phones. By entering this code, a new page will open through which you can see the detailed information of the phone’s camera. This code does not work on Xiaomi and Apple phones.

Find out the date of manufacture of the phone

By entering the code *#369*12580# In Samsung phones, you can find out the exact date of manufacture of the phone. On the new screen, you will see a number in front of the RF Cal section. This number has a format similar to 20211216. The first two digits from the right indicate the day, the middle two digits indicate the month, and the last four digits indicate the year of manufacture. In this example, the phone was produced on December 16 (twelfth month) of 2021, corresponding to December 25, 1400.

Antenna related information code

in iPhone family phones through the code *#12345#3001#* You can get comprehensive information about the antenna of the device. This page provides you with various details, such as the telecommunication tower you are connected to and…

common questions

What is the best mobile secret code?

Mobile phones have various secret codes and through them you can access hardware check and camera information.

How to get the phone’s IMEI code?

To see the IMEI code on Samsung, Xiaomi and iPhone phones, you must enter the command code *#06#.

What is the hardware test code for Samsung and Xiaomi phones?

You can do a hardware test on Samsung phones with the code #*0#* and on Xiaomi phones with the code *#*#6484#*#*.

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