Second hand Renault Koleos; Technical specifications, prices and comparison with competitors

Renault is one of the oldest automakers in the Iranian market. Due to the attractiveness of this brand and high-end chassis cars, Koleos is of special importance to the general public in our country.

The history of Renault’s presence in Iran covers the entire history of our country’s car. The first personal and motor vehicle was purchased by Muzaffar al-Din Shah from Belgium. This model was Renault 1900 with solid tires. Many years after the victory of the Renault 5 revolution, after Peykan, it was the second best-selling car in the country’s market and was offered through Saipa with a ban on the import of foreign models. Prior to the implementation of the car import ban law in 1397, Renault Pars Company was the official representative of Renault in Iran, which continues to provide after-sales service.

Renault Koleos 2014

The Collius was unveiled as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2000 to promise Renault a presence among the manufacturers of long-wheelbase and crossover cars; But it took about 7 years for the first mass-produced prototype of this model to be ready for sale. The first generation Koleos reached the global market in 2007 and with acceptable price and relatively good quality, had acceptable sales in non-European countries. This car faced Facelift in 2011 and its supply continued until 2015. However, the European market, and especially the United Kingdom, did not pay much attention to the first generation Coleus; The car was manufactured at the Renault-Samsung plant in South Korea and Renault-India in India, with the aim of launching it in the Asian market. The first generation Coleus also had a small presence in Iran and was not very well received.

Main view of Renault Koleos 2017

The second generation Renault Koleos changed the rules of the game. This model not only looks more beautiful and attractive than before; Rather, with larger dimensions, it can be considered a luxury crossover and completely different from the past. This car was not available in many European countries; But it sold well in Australia, China, South Korea and Russia. Colius is still produced in China and South Korea.

Koleos 2017 was also produced as a 7-seater with three rows of seats, but in Iran it has only a two-row model. When Renault Koleos entered the Iranian market, it introduced modern safety technologies, intelligent dual differential system, automatic transmission and metallic paints with quality and was considered at a price of about 200 million Tomans. Today, the second-class low-cost models of Renault Koleos are priced at more than 2 billion tomans.

Appearance and body design of Renault Koleos

The new generation Colios is not comparable to the previous model and has been completely redesigned. Koleos is the first crossover in Renault history and in 2017, it played the flagship role of this brand in the high chassis class. The very successful merger of the Renault Automotive Group with Nissan Japan has led to the construction of joint platforms in these companies, and now the chassis and overall design of the Collius is shared with the Nissan X-Trail and is based on the CMF-CD platform.

Renault Koleos Group View 2017

The dimensions of the Renault Koleos are larger and more attractive than before in all three directions of length, width and height. In the front view, the aggressive and muscular appearance of Renault’s modern design language Coleus is similar to the style of the new Megane headlights. The lines on the hood give a good volume to this part and according to the modern design routine, they have been pulled down a little and close to the windshield. Collius headlights come with an LED strip that protrudes from the main headlight bowl and extends close to the bumper. This artistic use of LED, in addition to providing daylight, creates an attractive harmony with the windshield.

The Coleus windshield consists of four horizontal chrome lines. The large Renault logo can be seen between the top three lines and draws the eye to itself due to the shape of the volume lines on the hood. In the quadrangular space in the bumper, fog lights are hidden, and among them, there is a relatively large space for air guidance. With the aim of coordinating the bumper with the windshield and headlights, small metal and silver pieces can be seen in this section, which enhances the sporty Colius’s sense of sport.

Rear view of Renault Koleos 2017

In the side view, Coleus has a lot to say. The overall shape of the body is attractive and eye-catching. A thin line of chrome is drawn along the corner of the headlight to under the side mirror and air duct. In addition, the bubble shape of the body can be seen quite masterfully on the side view, which, by imperceptibly giving volume to the fenders and doors, makes the dimensions of the coleus large and majestic. Chrome has also been used in the strip around the windows, the lower part of the doors close to the pedals and the rails. Another important point in the design of the side view of the Koleos is the sporty form of the pedals and doors of this car, which we see in modern crossovers with symmetrical curvature.

In the rear view, the front design style is well conveyed, and unlike many chassis in the world, we do not have a simple and trivial design. The taillights have the overall shape of the Talisman model and cover a large length with a small width that extends from the fender to the end of the body and ends with the Renault logo. The box also has a good curvature, which in addition to providing space for the hand to raise this part, will be suitable. The rear bumper has two metal parts of the same color as the body and dark black, which is shared with the lower part of the fender. The rear bumper also comes with volume lines and is designed with sporty rectangular exhausts with an all-chrome frame.

Renault Koleos 2017

In general, Koleos can be considered as one of the most beautiful European chassis available in the Iranian market, which is offered with dimensions of 4.672 meters in length, 1.843 meters in width and 1.678 meters in height.

Interior and cabin of Renault Koleos

A cursory look inside the Coleus’s room distinguishes it from Asian chassis and similar to American-made models; But overall, it has a simple and exciting atmosphere. The materials used in the dashboard, although plastic, are satisfactory, and the leather upholstery of the seats, console and armrest on the doors is of high quality. Various colors are available for the interior, including black and brown. In samples outside Iran, in addition to the gray roof, white samples have been seen in the columns and inside the roof.

Renault Koleos 2017 cabin view

With the presence of the car and the propulsion starter, a light blue color appears behind the steering panel and the gear lever. This lighting is also present at the bottom of the doors. Renault’s modern user interface, called the R-Link2, is available in Koleos to make the entertainment and navigation system easier to manage than previous models.

The base model of the Colius has a 7-inch touch screen with a horizontal structure, but in Iran, the vertical type was imported in the size of 8.7 inches. In addition to connecting to the Bose brand audio system, the display controls the rear camera, satellite navigation, Bluetooth telephony and many other amenities via R-Link2.

Renault Koleos 2017 panel view

The interior of the Collius looks luxurious and comfortable and can be used for long trips. As with the excellent body design, the needs of the occupants have been taken into account in the cabin, and the knee space is quite suitable for the first and second rows. Even with the front seats pulled back nearly 30 cm, there will be space between the rear seat and the front seat, which is rare among cars in this class. One of Koleos’s simple initiatives is the design of a grille at the armrest, between the rear seats.

There are convenient controls on the steering wheel for cruise control and entertainment, which are found in almost every car today. The Coleus switch, on the other hand, is different from other models, resembling a small, thin cell phone that works with its push-button start system.

Renault Koleos Trunk

There is 458 liters of space in the cargo area of ​​the Coleus, which reaches about 1,700 liters when the second-row seats are folded down. The trunk is well lit and there are skylights in this area; In addition, a 12-volt charger and air-conditioning guide are provided for second-row occupants. In total, there are 37 liters of extra space in the cabin that can be used to store small items. These locations are available in the dashboard, under the console, inside the four doors and under the display.

Renault Koleos propulsion and technical forces

Initially, a variety of engines were to be ordered for the Coleus; But in the end, a gasoline model and two diesel models were selected for it, which, naturally, the type of gasoline has been imported in Iran. The Koleos imported to our country uses a 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder engine to offer 170 horsepower and 233 Nm of torque. The maximum power of this naturally aspirated propulsion is achieved at 6000 rpm and the maximum torque will be available to the driver from 4400 rpm. The Coleus comes with an intelligent dual differential system and X-Tronic CVT gearbox, which allows you to reach 100 km / h in 10 seconds. The average fuel consumption of this car with standard equipment is 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers, while at a constant road speed of less than 7 liters per 100 kilometers and driving in city traffic up to 11 liters per 100 kilometers, it consumes gasoline. .

Renault Collius engine

For the European market, the Collius comes with two diesel engines that produce 130 and 177 horsepower. These models have lower fuel consumption and better torque compared to gasoline; The dci130 produces 320 Nm of torque and the 175 dci produces 380 Nm of torque.

Technically, the non-production of the Coleus with a turbocharged petrol engine and the installation of a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter engine is a positive point; It lacks the hassle of Renault Talisman turbocharged propulsion and the annoying turbo delay in Chinese cars. Coleus with CVT gearbox and dual differential system, weighs 1600 kg and with a 60 liter fuel tank for long-distance travel up to 700 km does not require a gas station.

Technical and welfare facilities of Renault Koleos

Coleus was sold with the E3 version in Iran, which has almost complete options. According to the official importer, the car has an 8.7-inch display, a professional audio system from the Boss brand with 12 speakers, a panoramic sunroof, intelligent opening of the trunk with foot sensor, leather seat and steering wheel, child seat installation, automatic dual ventilation , 12V output on the console, 6-way electric seat with dual-mode heater for front passenger and rear trunk and 18-inch two-tone aluminum rim will be provided.

Renault Koleos monitor

Technical options for the Coleus E3 include daylight and autolight, a tire sensor, a rain sensor, a smart dual differential and a cruise control. Automatic park technology, on Renault’s official website, is an optional order for the Koleos model, which we hope will be included in the sample imported to our country.

Crash test and safety options

Renault Koleos complies with East Asian and European safety standards with assembly lines in the UK and South Korea. The car also has a 5-star safety rating from the Australian Aviation Safety Foundation (ANCAP).

Renault Koleos 2017 headlights

Renault Koleos 2017 equipped with 6 front, side and curtain airbags, stability control system, uphill vehicle protection (HCA), blind spot warning and EBA and ABST brake safety systems Daytime running lights, fog lights with capability Turns on when the steering wheel is turned, the 360-degree parking sensor with rear view camera, electronic parking brake, light sensor and wiper.

Driving experience with Renault Koleos

The floor in the standard colius is more than 21 cm from the ground. This gives the impression of a high chassis and is useful for crossing rough roads off the road. By means of a button on the steering wheel, it is possible to determine whether the Coleus is single or double differential. There are three driving modes for the car’s torque transmission, including 2WD, 4WD AUTO and 4WD LUCK. In 2WD mode, the Coleus operates as a front differential. In 4WD AUTO mode, torque is intelligently and automatically split between the front and rear wheels, and with 4WD LUCK settings using the differential lock, the car’s movement on slippery roads is optimized with steep slopes.

Rear view of Renault Koleos

Coleus acceleration is appropriate in the mid-size crossover class; Although the response of the engine is not as fast as a ride with a 2.5 liter engine, but it works better than the turbocharged models available in the Iranian market. The suspension is also rated soft and comfortable for urban use, and has little stress, especially for front-row occupants. Moving on the bumpers can be a little uncomfortable for those in the second row; Because the rear springs, with the multi-link suspension, are a bit dry.

Price of second hand Renault Koleos in Iran and comparison with competitors

Renault Koleos, with equipment similar to that imported to Iran, is priced at around $ 25,000 in the global market. This car is a competitor of Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota RAV4 in the mid-size crossover class. Kulios 2018 is less than 2.2 billion Tomans in the Iranian market and in this respect, it is not much different from Santa Fe; But Toyota Raufor 2018 is traded at a price of about 3.5 billion tomans.

Renault Koleos seat

From the author’s point of view, buying a Hyundai Tucson and Santa Fe at zero with a price of about 2 billion Tomans is less of a hassle than the Collius; Because the abundance of repair and sale services of Hyundai spare parts in Iran is better than Renault. On the other hand, Renault Koleos has some interesting positive and negative points in comparison with the Korean chassis in the Iranian market.

Excellent acceleration and excellent performance of the two-differential system is the most important advantage of the Collius compared to the Santa Fe and Tucson; But the Renault CVT gearbox, apparently designed by Nissan, shows the weakness of the Collius in terms of shifting gears. Another negative point for this French car assembled in South Korea is the very simple cabin, full of cheap plastic, which will definitely bore the buyer after paying 2 billion tomans. From the author’s point of view, the attractive body design and the well-known European brand are the most important positive points of Kolius compared to Santa Fe.

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