Scientists say there is no deltacron hybrid virus

Experts said Monday that the alleged combined mutation of the corona virus, known as deltacron, which was reportedly discovered in a laboratory in Cyprus, was most likely the result of laboratory contamination and was not a new concern. The Cypriot media reported the discovery on Saturday, describing it as “having the genetic structure of a delta species with some omicron mutations”.

Although it is possible for coronaviruses to be genetically linked, this is a rare phenomenon, and scientists who have analyzed the discovery of deltacron say it is unlikely. “The Cypriot delta sequences reported by several major media outlets appear to have been contaminated,” Tom Pickak, a virologist with the Infectious Diseases Department at Royal College London, tweeted.

Jeffrey Barthes, head of the Covid 19 Genomics Initiative at the Wellcom Singer Institute in the UK, said the alleged mutations are part of the genome that is prone to error in some sequencing procedures. “This is almost certainly not a biological recombination of the Delta and Omicron tribes,” he said Monday. Scientists want to fight the flood of misinformation about Covid 19, most of which is circulating in ducts.

According to Science Alert, last week there were unsubstantiated reports of the spread of a virus called florona or fluorone (a combination of influenza virus and corona virus), which was rejected by the World Health Organization on Monday. “Let’s not use words like deltacron or florona or floron,” Maria Vankerkhoff, an epidemiologist at the World Health Organization, tweeted. “These words indicate a combination of viruses or species, and this has not happened.”

While people can get the flu and the coronavirus at the same time, the two viruses cannot be combined. Unlike new species of Quid 19, such as omicrone, which strongly affect the globalization process, co-infections with influenza virus and coronavirus are not new.

Since its inception, the coronavirus has evolved into dozens of species, four of which have been identified by the World Health Organization as worrying: alpha, beta, delta and omicron.

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