Samsung’s take on Chinese competitors: We protect our users’ data as state secrets

Governments’ use of spyware such as NSO Group’s Pegasus and recently Hermit in the Android operating system in order to infiltrate the smartphones of important people is not a new thing and has been in the news many times. In this regard, as Gadgets Now quotes a high-ranking manager of Samsung Electronics as writing, this company treats users’ confidential information as state secrets and goes to advanced chip-based systems to protect the security of personal data and sensitive information.

Nowadays, we store a lot of our sensitive and important information like bank card details, place of residence, health data and personal conversations in the smartphone. According to Dr Songwan Shinvice president and head of the security team at Samsung Electronics, hackers know very well that smartphones contain a lot of sensitive and important information, and for this reason, they have gone to infiltrate smartphones through mobile malware, phishing attacks, etc.

“That’s why it’s never been more important to keep users and their data safe,” he says. Dr. Shin announced in a virtual conference: “We rely on hardware security systems to protect every part of the device, from the chip and operating system to applications.”

Samsung from production Teegris informs; Teegris is a “security-focused operating system” that allows Samsung’s business partners to use hardware encryption to make apps more secure. Samsung says it continuously tests the integrity of core security components to prevent unauthorized apps from being loaded onto the device.

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Samsung Knox, which started out as an enterprise security solution, has quickly evolved into a security platform that, according to Dr. Shin, provides “true end-to-end protection for consumers and businesses.”

According to Dr. Shin, it all starts with security: “Since there is no privacy without strong security, the only way to fully protect users’ privacy is to ensure that their data never falls into the wrong hands. That’s why we do our best to keep users and their information safe.”

Samsung has been beefing up software support for its devices in recent years and now releases several versions of Android security updates for its phones.

“Samsung’s responsibility to protect consumers doesn’t end when they buy a phone,” said Dr. Shin. We give consumers control over their data with our Privacy Dashboard. The privacy dashboard allows users to understand who has access to their data and how that data is being used.”

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