Samsung’s special focus on the sound experience of Neo QLED TVs

According to Samsung, the company’s TVs with the OTS+ feature (sound based on object tracking) developed with artificial intelligence, synchronize the sound with the movements of the subject in the image. Samsung used OTS technology for the first time in 2020.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Samsung’s OTS technology analyzes and monitors the movements of subjects, and based on these movements, 3D and surround sound is delivered to the user’s ear from different areas of the speaker. 8K TVs of the Neo QLED family are equipped with two more speakers to make the sound experience provided by OTS+ more exciting.

The second important sound technology is Q-Symphony, which creates a special harmony between Samsung TVs and soundbars so that the sound reaches your ears from different areas of the room. This system makes the sound 3D. Before Q-Symphony, it was not possible to play sound on TV and soundbar at the same time.

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