Samsung’s QD-OLED TVs, despite their strong performance, did not sell well enough

In 2022, Samsung unveiled its first OLED TV named S95B after a decade. While this was not the South Korean company’s flagship 4K TV; But it managed to attract more attention and praise than the QN95B (Samsung’s flagship 4K TV in 2022). This attention was due to the QD-OLED TV’s exceptional colors, viewing angles, contrast ratio and response time. However, QD-OLED TV sales have not yet met the company’s expectations.

According to a report by research firm Omdia, Samsung Display faced production problems with its QD-OLED panels in early 2022 and was unable to supply enough panels for Samsung DX. Because of this, Samsung DX was unable to release the TV worldwide, limiting overall sales of the S95B. However, QD-OLED panel production has increased by more than 80% since July 2022.

Samsung DX received an order that should improve the sales of its TVs. It was around this time that the company started offering good discounts on the S95B. As a result, QD-OLED TV sales increased to more than 70,000 units per month since October.

Samsung’s QD-OLED TV sales barely exceeded 350,000 units in 2022

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