Samsung’s new application helps to improve the quality of images using artificial intelligence

A few months ago, Samsung released the Expert RAW camera app for Galaxy devices, and now the company has added another cool photography app to the Galaxy Store. This application, which is called Galaxy Enhance-X, is described as an “artificial intelligence-based solution to improve the quality of images” and can be used to analyze and improve the defects of images. Another feature of this program is to increase the quality of images using artificial intelligence.

According to FonArena, the best feature of Galaxy Enhance-X is that it basically does not apply changes to the original image and instead uses the copy of the desired photo to apply improvements and increase its quality. It is possible that this application, like other exclusive applications of the Galaxy Store, is only available in some regions. Additionally, Samsung’s new AI-powered photo editing app is only compatible with devices running Android 10 or later.

Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X app currently offers the following features:

  • Blur photos
  • Automatic removal of light reflection
  • Increase image resolution
  • Improve the quality of details of images
  • Brighten up images captured in low light conditions
  • Improved HDR effect
  • Removing the moire pattern
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It is worth mentioning that moire occurs in photography when the subject or scene that you intend to photograph has many repeating patterns (for example, line, point, etc.), so that the camera cannot record them well due to the limitation of resolution, and as a result, it causes It will create strange wave patterns in the final image.

Although Samsung’s new photo editing app offers a list of attractive features, many of these features are already available in other apps like Lightroom and Photoshop Express; However, providing such features on the device’s default application looks great.

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