Samsung’s new 256GB memory card is as fast as a computer’s SSD

Samsung’s new 256GB memory card is as fast as a computer’s SSD

Hango Sunthe vice president of Samsung’s storage products unit, says that the company’s new microSD card has SSD-level performance and is designed with plenty of capacity and impressive speed and a very small form factor for storing large amounts of data.

Samsung’s new SD Express series microSD memory card comes with a capacity of 256 GB. This product is an important step in the evolution of microSD card technology.

While normal microSD cards use the UHS-1 interface and read data at a speed of 104 MB/s, Samsung’s new SD Express series can achieve a maximum read speed of 985 MB/s.

Samsung SD Express series cards with support for PCIe Gen3x1 protocol can read data sequentially at an average speed of 800MB/s, which is on par with SATA-based SSDs. This record indicates a 1.4 times improvement in data reading speed compared to conventional SSDs and more than 4 times improvement compared to UHS-1 based cards.

According to SamsungDynamic Thermal Guard technology in this product by adjusting the temperature optimally makes the data reading speed not decrease even in long usage.

Other features of the new Samsung 256 GB SD Express memory card include resistance to water, very low temperature, very high temperature, drop, abrasion, X-ray and anti-magnetic protection.

The price of the Samsung memory card is not yet known; But due to the advanced technology of this product, it is expected to be a little more expensive than the price of memory cards of the same capacity as competitors.

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