Samsung’s foldable laptop is likely to come with a look similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4

According to some people, 2023 will be the year of foldable phones and laptops. Samsung’s plans for next year are not clear; But considering previous rumors and reports, this brand is expected to use folding screens in various products such as laptops. Now it seems the Korean tech giant has filed another patent for a foldable laptop.

to report SamMobileThe description of Samsung’s new patent filing shows a large-screen foldable laptop that bends in half, similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. When the screen of this device is in 90 degree mode, its lower part will be used as a virtual keyboard and touch pad, and its upper half will display the content.

There is a lot of similarity between the Galaxy Book Fold 17 concept shown at SID 2021 and Samsung’s new patent. In any case, the brand’s new design is slimmer compared to the Book Fold 17, which makes it look more like other devices in the Galaxy series, including the Z Fold 4. It should be noted that the mentioned patent was published this week; But its initial registration dates back to a few years ago; Therefore, the idea presented in this patent certificate shows that Samsung has been thinking of making such a product for several years.

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Patent registration alone will not lead to the creation of a real product, and many ideas that have been patented have never reached the stage of production as a commercial product. Perhaps Samsung has registered this design to protect its idea and prevent competing companies from stealing it. The special form factor of folding laptops allows these products to use their lower half to perform various tasks.

You can turn this section into a virtual keyboard or use it as input from other devices, photo editing, placing special buttons in different software, etc. Samsung’s folding laptop idea seems attractive; But it cannot be said with certainty that it will lead to the creation of a real product. Apple previously experimented with a similar design by offering touch bars on its MacBooks, but eventually gave up on this decision, finding that physical keys on the keyboard and button shortcuts were much more useful for professional users.

However, Samsung may want to show that it can use the most advanced technologies of the display industry in products other than smartphones; Therefore, it is possible that the company’s next laptop will be a foldable product. Anyway, we have to wait to see what new devices will be launched in 2023.

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