Samsung’s failure to supply all Tesla’s electric truck cameras

It’s a big business supply for Samsung. Although the company has decided not to manufacture its own brand of electric vehicles, it does supply important parts to the electric vehicle industry, including batteries and camera modules. Camera modules have become essential as automakers strive to improve automated driving.

Tesla is at the forefront of its cars. The company sought to provide camera modules for its Cybertruck and Semi electric vehicles. A new report from Samo Mobile shows that Samsung Electro-Mechanics has defeated LG Innotek to win the entire order.

With the victory of Samsung Electromechanics over the offer of LG Inotech, it is now expected that Samsung will supply all the camera modules used in Tesla’s Semi and Cybertruck vehicles. Tesla has already introduced these electric vehicles and now wants to increase production; Because it seeks to deliver cars to customers in the coming years.

Samsung Electromechanics had fair competition; Because Taiwanese companies were also competing for this big deal. This is the second time that Samsung has surpassed the competition; Because orders for the Tesla camera module for the Cybertruck all went to Samsung Electromechanics last year. The company will supply these parts to Giga Tesla plants in Shanghai and Berlin.

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Samsung Electromechanics is also involved in providing camera modules for smartphones; But there is no doubt that products are more valuable for electric vehicles; Therefore, it helps the company to increase its profit. There are eight camera modules in each Tesla electric vehicle. Ultimately, mass production is in Samsung’s interest.

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