Samsung’s exciting 3D ad for Galaxy Z Flip 4 in New York’s Times Square

Google and Samsung have started a new advertising campaign to make their products and services more visible. The latest project of these two companies is a 3D billboard in New York’s Times Square, which is a collaboration Ludacris (American rapper and actor) advertises for Galaxy Z Flip 4, Google Voice Assistant and YouTube Music service.

Anamorphic 3D billboards are very exciting and look as if the objects in the image are protruding from it. The famous New York Times Square billboard has been reserved by Google and Samsung this time. Every day, many people pass through this famous area of ​​Manhattan and see what Google and Samsung have displayed.

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In the advertising billboard in question, we see the Galaxy Z Flip in Flex Mode. Z Flip 4 takes a 90 degree angle in flex mode. In this promotional video, Ludacris demonstrates the ability of Google’s voice assistant to record selfies through the Galaxy Z Flip 4. At the end, this slogan along with the link to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 page on Samsung’s website is written on the billboard: “A new way to take selfies; simply.”

By Y 9to5GoogleSamsung and Google advertising billboard that has an exciting visual effect in collaboration with the studio Designed by CEKAI and Universal Music Group.

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