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Undoubtedly, the development of technology has affected many aspects of our lives, and if we say that it has become an integral part of our lives, we are not exaggerating. However, the spread of technology in today’s world brings many challenges, including smartphone addiction.

The term digital well-being has emerged as a way to deal with these challenges and promote the healthy use of smart devices. and have more control over different aspects of their lives. In this article from Zomit, we will examine the concept of digital health and how to use it in Samsung smartphones.

What is Digital Wellbeing?

In 2018, Google unveiled a new technology called Digital Wellbeing, which is designed to maintain the physical and mental health of users and helps users learn how to manage their digital lives. There is no doubt that users depend on smart devices and the Internet to perform many daily tasks; But Digital Wellbeing has made its way to Android phones with the aim of promoting the healthy use of smartphones and helping users maintain a healthy life. This feature can be very useful for people who spend too much time on social media during the working day.

In fact, Digital Wellbeing, in addition to helping users spend a certain amount of time using devices and apps, gives awareness of how people’s unfavorable relationship with technology has other negative effects on other aspects of their lives.

Access to Digital Wellbeing on Samsung phones

Overall, there are a few ways to access Digital Wellbeing on Galaxy devices. The first way is to open the Settings on the phone and go to the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls option. In this section, you will have access to all the settings and you can customize the different modes as you want.

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