Samsung’s answer to the fakeness of photographing the moon with the camera of this company’s phones

Samsung explains that the Scene Optimizer feature combines several techniques to create better images of the moon. The company’s Super Resolution feature is activated when zoomed in 25x or more, and uses frame processing to combine more than 10 images to reduce noise and increase resolution. In addition, the exposure of the scene is optimized so that the moon does not look dark in the sky, and it uses the Zoom Lock feature for this purpose; A technique that uses Optical and digital image stabilization reduces image blur.

to report VergeIn fact, identifying the moon on high-end Samsung phones in the first step with a deep learning model Artificial intelligence is done. This model is made based on various shapes and details of the moon in different states from the crescent moon to the full moon and also based on the images taken from the ground view.

But it seems that the key step of using the AI ​​detail enhancement engine has caused some recent controversy, which Samsung explained in a blog post:

Below is a diagram of the process in which Samsung uses the detail enhancement engine as a convolutional neural network (a type of machine learning model commonly used for image processing). This process compares the result with enhanced detail against high-resolution reference images.

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