Samsung was accused of stealing TSMC’s trade secrets to improve the efficiency of its chips

Samsung this year Series phones Galaxy S23 only with The Snapdragon processor was released to temporarily say goodbye to the proprietary Exynos series processors, but it continues to produce these processors. According to the claim WccftechThe development process of Exynos 2400 flagship processor is going well.

Samsung’s first obstacle in the development of Exynos 2400 was increasing the production efficiency of 4nm lithography. It is said that Samsung has been able to achieve the desired efficiency in the third generation of this lithography.

Apparently, the latest version of Samsung’s four-nanometer lithography is called 4LPP or +4LPP. The publication Economic News Daily While pointing to the improvements of Exynos 2400, he says that Samsung “went to TSMC suppliers and stole their method of increasing efficiency” to increase the efficiency of 4nm lithography. TSMC is the largest processor contract manufacturer in the world and has large customers.

Economic News Daily has not provided any solid evidence to prove its unexpected claim and has made this claim by quoting informed sources.

Rumor has it that Samsung has formed a new team to work specifically on Exynos processors. While a leaker of the possibility of adding Exynos 2400 to Galaxy S24 announced, it seems that Exynos chips will not be revived until 2025.

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