Samsung smart oven with built-in camera and the ability to recognize the type of food was unveiled

At CES 2023, Samsung has introduced a new oven called Samsung Bespoke AI Oven, which automatically detects the type of food and recommends the right temperature, time and cooking mode to the user. One of the exciting features of the Samsung smart oven is the detection of burnt food. Models of this oven that are sold in the European Union warn the user before the food burns.

The Samsung smart oven has a built-in camera to broadcast live video of the cooking process

According to VergeThe Samsung oven, which is placed inside the wall, can detect “80 types of food and different ingredients” through its internal camera. If you wish, you can use the seven-inch touch screen to change the cooking settings and check the status of the food. Samsung says the European Bespoke AI Oven can recognize up to 106 types of food.

The internal camera of the Samsung oven is not only used for the artificial intelligence system. Samsung says you can stream live video on social media from inside the oven as it cooks. This feature is for content producers and professional chefs. The built-in camera can take pictures of the food in different stages of cooking. You can also use the camera to check the cooking status of the food.

The Samsung oven door does not have a handle and uses a push mechanism. The Bespoke AI Oven has multiple cooking modes including oil-free frying, steaming and dual temperature zones. Samsung says the oven can be connected to Wi-Fi to do things like set a timer, preheat the oven before cooking, and view live camera video via the SmartThings Cooking platform.

Samsung’s latest products at CES

Samsung’s smart oven will be launched in the third quarter of 2023 in the American and European markets. The price of this product has not been announced yet.

Bespoke AI Oven is not the first oven in the world with the ability to recognize the type of food. We have seen June Oven with such a feature before. Other companies like Bosch are also working on smart ovens.

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