Samsung plans to make life easier for humans with its new robot

Samsung Electronics has been eyeing the consumer robotics segment for some time. At CES 2023, the company said it sees robots as a new source of revenue. Also, beyond the launch of smart vacuum cleaners, the prototype of Samsung’s challenging AI-equipped robots has not really materialized; But the tech giant plans to change that before the end of the year.

to report Sammobile, Han Jung Heevice president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, said at a press conference in Las Vegas: “We plan to unveil a robot named EX1 this year to help humans.”

The company now has a device called “EX1” which is actually a digital camera from 2010. Obviously, the new EX1, the “human assistant robot” that will be unveiled this year, will be a completely different product. Although its capabilities are still unclear, there may be some clues given the previous concept robots that Samsung presented at CES.

Is Bot Handy finally becoming a reality?

Samsung did not introduce any new robots at CES 2023; But some of you may remember that the company unveiled the Bot Handy robot and the JetBot 90 AI Plus robotic vacuum cleaner at CES 2021. JetBot 90 AI was launched as a vacuum cleaner equipped with artificial intelligence; While Bot Handy has not yet become a real product that people can purchase.

Bot Handy, shown in concept videos, was a home robot that was capable of picking up clothes, loading the dishwasher, setting the table, pouring drinks into glasses, and other such activities. This robot was never released; But it might give us an overview of what the EX1 human assistant robot might have. Unfortunately, the original concept videos on YouTube seem to have been removed.

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