Samsung phone battery optimization

If your Samsung phone is rooted, you have more apps to choose from. Servicely Extends battery life by blocking apps running in the background. Devices often lose some battery percentage overnight due to dozens of apps running in the background. Servicely solves the problem by managing these apps and optimizing them, and of course disables apps that wake the phone up from deep sleep.

This battery optimization program for Samsung and other Android phones helps you to enable or disable the notifications of your chosen apps to prevent them from running in the background. You can also stop endless social media messages or unnecessary notifications from games and other apps. All these things increase the battery life of the device by 20 to 30% more than usual.

Is battery optimization harmful for the phone?

Optimizing the battery is not something you should worry about, and as the name suggests, it can help maintain battery health, durability and longevity. However, by enabling the optimization options, you may have some restrictions that you don’t like.

For example, with battery optimization, the activity of programs in the background is limited or interrupted to reduce battery consumption. This issue may negatively affect the user experience of some people. If you need to keep some apps running even when you’re not using them, you can turn off battery optimization for those apps.

Optimal charging helps increase battery life by reducing the charging speed when the phone is not in use; But it can create limitations for some users. The feature relies on machine learning to understand your charging habits, so it may take some time to adapt to each person’s usage patterns.

By considering all aspects, you can decide whether to enable this option or not.

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