Samsung is working on developing an artificial intelligence system like ChatGPT

Samsung’s LLM language model is developed by focusing on tasks such as document summarization, software design, and language translation. Of course, Samsung has not yet made a decision for the public release of this language model, and its internal use is the main priority of Koreans.

to report Gizmochina, when Samsung was using artificial intelligence from other companies like ChatGPT, some of the company’s information and data was leaked. This caused the use of such solutions to be banned, and the company sought to develop its own artificial intelligence.

Samsung believes that the use of artificial intelligence solutions based on LLM technology can significantly reduce the time required for software development and semiconductor design. This company was considering possible collaborations with large companies such as Microsoft, Google, Naver and OpenAI, and finally, in a high-level management meeting with the presence of Lee Jae-yong The chairman of the board of directors of Samsung decided to put the development of an internal artificial intelligence solution on the agenda.

Many Korean companies such as LG, Naver and SKT are developing LLM-based AI solutions such as KoGPT, ExaOne, HyperCloverX and A.Dot. These solutions take advantage of human-like design and writing capabilities. Of course, challenges related to data integrity and information privacy are still important obstacles that must be overcome during the continuous development process.

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