Samsung is opening the world’s largest chip factory in South Korea

to report GizmochinaSamsung’s big investment is in response to other countries taking steps to boost their domestic chipmaking industries. For example, the Chip Manufacturing Act in the United States has provided billions of dollars in subsidies for chip makers investing in America. The South Korean tech giant’s investment plan will strengthen the country’s position in the global semiconductor industry and help South Korea become one of the most important countries in the field of chips. This issue is very important for the mentioned country because it seeks to improve the stability of the supply chain and self-sufficiency in key technologies.

Samsung’s investment program also includes several affiliates, including Samsung SDI, Samsung Display and Samsung Electro-Mechanics. The companies plan to invest 60.1 trillion won ($45.8 billion) over the next 10 years in areas outside Seoul’s metropolitan areas to develop processes such as chipmaking, display and battery technology. This move will help diversify South Korea’s technology manufacturing base and expand its scope.

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