Samsung is looking for a 13% decrease in its smartphone sales

Samsung, one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones in the world, has not been able to sell as much as it had planned due to several reasons, including the problem in the supply chain and the boring economic outlook in several countries.

The South Korean tech giant has also faced this problem as global smartphone sales have declined, affecting almost all companies. to report GizmochinaSamsung plans to reduce the number of its smartphones next year. It is said that the mentioned company plans to reduce the sales of its phones by 13% in 2023, which means that it will launch approximately 30 million fewer devices. The reason for this decision is mostly due to the decrease in demand in the smartphone market, and for this reason, the Korean company is not able to meet the forecasts made in terms of sales, and the market continues to decline in demand.

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While Samsung managed to increase its market share in the third quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter in terms of supply, but compared to the same period last year, it has seen a decrease of 8%. Of course, this problem is not unique to Samsung, and some smartphone parts suppliers, including Japan-based Murata and Taiwan-based Yengo, Tongxin Electic and Duntai, have also experienced a similar situation.

Murata, the maker of MLCC (multilayer ceramic capacitors) passive components that provides modules and electronics for Apple’s iPhones, Samsung phones and other companies, has warned that demand for smartphones in China shows no signs of improving and will continue to do so next year. We will see it decrease.

Tongxin Electric, a supplier of mobile phone sensor components, has said that it may reduce its production by two to three quarters. The company estimates that in the second quarter of next year or the end of the third quarter, its related business will recover again.

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