Samsung is likely to introduce the world’s first foldable-rollable display at CES 2023

Samsung is one of the pioneers in the production of OLED panels, and in most cases, it is the first company to develop new display technologies for smartphones. The South Korean tech giant already has a significant share of the foldable smartphone market, and now it seems that its next target is phones and tablets equipped with rollable and sliding screens. According to reports, the brand is ready to unveil the world’s first folding-rolling panels soon.

According to the report SamMobile, Samsung Display will showcase the world’s first foldable-rollable OLED panel product at CES 2023, which will begin later this week. According to previous reports, the Korean company describes its new display as a “hybrid panel”. When this screen is opened, another part of it slides out and when it is fully folded, its dimensions will be 8 inches, which will increase to 10 inches when open. Finally, when this hybrid OLED panel is fully opened and its sliding part is fully extended, it will have dimensions equivalent to 12.4 inches.

Rumors suggest that Samsung is testing its new folding-rolling panel for devices that the user can turn into a smartphone, tablet or laptop according to their needs, and of course, such a product can be really expensive. It is not yet clear when the company will start mass production of its new OLED panel because companies that manufacture products equipped with this type of display must also implement advanced technologies on their devices. For example, such products will require very advanced hinges and metal plates to hold the display.

Samsung is trying to expand the OLED panel market by developing advanced form factors. OLED screens are now used in many smart watches, fitness bracelets, smartphones and tablets. OLED technology is also slowly expanding in the space of laptops and personal computer displays. Samsung’s new hybrid OLED panels can also be used in vehicles, because when these screens are opened, they will make more space available to the user.

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