Samsung introduced the PCIe Gen 5 SSD with a speed of 13,000 MB / s

Samsung unveils first SSD with PCIe Gen 5 interface for its corporate customers. Called the PM1743, it is generally considered one of the world’s first PCIe 5.0 SSDs. With the introduction of Intel Aldrik series processors, it is now possible to use the fifth generation PCIe for the general public. With the increase in support for other processors from the fifth generation PCIe, the popularity of this type of SSD will increase, and Samsung is one of the first companies to introduce such products.

According to XDA, Samsung’s new SSD will be used in enterprise servers; So do not expect to use it on your PC any time soon; Of course, the introduction of this SSD opens the way for the unveiling of models for ordinary users. The PM1743 is almost twice the speed of SSDs with a PCIe Gen 4 interface; For example, the read speed of data in the Samsung 980 PRO memory reaches about 7000 MB / s; But PM1743 can read data at 13,000 MB / s. The data write speed of this SSD was 6600 MB / s; While the data write rate on the Samsung 980 PRO SSD was 5,100 MB / s.

According to Samsung, the new PCIe Gen 5 SSD power consumption is about 30% better than the previous generation; In fact, the fifth generation SSD can transfer 608 MB of data per watt of power. This feature is especially important for servers that manage large volumes of data, and will help save more money in the long run.

Samsung PM1743 will be available to enterprise customers in 2TB to 16TB models. The first fifth-generation PCIe SSD model will use dual ports for enterprise customers, so servers can still use SSDs if one of the ports fails. Mass production of this product will begin in the first quarter of 2022.

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If you are a regular user, do not worry; Because you will receive your fifth generation SSD PCIe on time. XPG recently announced that it will unveil two prototypes of fifth-generation PCIe SSDs at CES 2022. The Project Nighthawk model will offer read and write speeds of 14 GB and 12 GB / s; While the writing speed of Project Blackbird model is slower and reaches 10 GB per second. The capacity of these two SSDs is equivalent to eight terabytes.

According to a recent report, it is not yet clear exactly when the PCIe Gen 5 memories were released, but as we get closer to CES 2022, we will probably see the introduction of more fifth generation PCIe SSDs from different companies.

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