Samsung Infinite Line refrigerator provides purified water and cool drinks

The body of the refrigerator is made of premium aluminum, which resists dents and scratches. Also, various stains are easily removed from the body of the refrigerator.

Infinite Line uses powerful cooling system and bright lights in its interior. Infinite Line refrigerators and freezers have a total capacity of 804 liters and the beverage compartment can hold up to 101 bottles.

Samsung Infinite Line is equipped with Auto Open Door technology so that you can easily open the refrigerator door with a simple touch. Having a built-in sensor means that the refrigerator does not have a handle. This refrigerator provides cool purified water at any time and thanks to a special tool, it allows users to prepare delicious drinks with the fruits or herbs they want. The Samsung refrigerator also has an ice maker and makes ice in two ways: balls or cubes.

On the eve of CES 2023, Samsung has unveiled a new refrigerator that uses a 32-inch vertical display.

The new Samsung refrigerator has a 32-inch touch screen

The Infinite Line refrigerator is equipped with a special system that, according to Samsung, makes it possible to store all kinds of food. In this case, you can apply different temperatures in two different areas of the refrigerator. The beverage compartment supports three temperature modes.

Infinite Line is compatible with Samsung SmartThings ecosystem products and thanks to the SmartThings Sommelier at Home and SmartThings Cooking feature, it recommends the best combination of food and drinks to the user. The SmartThings Energy function allows you to monitor the electricity consumption of the refrigerator and reduce the monthly electricity cost with a series of tasks.

Samsung has not announced the price of the Infinite Line refrigerator.

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