Samsung has released more details about its keynote address at CES 2022

Due to the outbreak of coronary heart disease, CES has been held online for the past two years. However, next year this popular technology-focused event will finally be as physical as ever, with various companies preparing to showcase their advanced and new products to tech enthusiasts.

Samsung will be one of the companies present at CES 2022, the company officially announced its presence at the next CES event last week. The Koreans have now released more information about their keynote speech, Togunate For Tomorrow. In a statement, Samsung said:

We will demonstrate solutions that can help build more sustainable planets and demonstrate customized and relevant experiences that can enrich people’s lives.

Samsung is expected to take the opportunity to introduce the much-anticipated Galaxy S21 FE 5G. Recently, there have been many rumors about the launch of this product in early January, and in addition, it can be expected that mid-range and low-cost tablets as well as some new home appliances from this company will be introduced at CES 2022.

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One of the most important products that Samsung has always introduced at CES has been the company’s new TVs; So at 2022 we will probably see new models of Korean mini-LED, Old, Cold and micro-LED TVs.

The keynote address before Together For Tomorrow will be delivered by Jung Hee, Vice President and CEO of Samsung Electronics DX. The ceremony will begin at the Las Vegas Plazos Hall at 18:30 local time.

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