Samsung Galaxy A54 review; Attractive mid-range with flagship price

It is not wrong to say that Samsung Galaxy A series are among the most important Korean products; So important that according to the report of Counterpoint Research, they form more than 50% of the sales statistics of Samsung phones! In other words, the sales of the A series alone are equal to the total sales of the S series, M series, and F!

Galaxy A series are experiencing impressive sales all over the world from North America to Europe and Asia and of course Iran, and the major part of these sales can be related to the continuous support of Samsung and the production of quality products.

After the success of the Galaxy A50, Samsung follows almost the same formula for the A7X, A5X and A3X models; Using a high-quality camera along with having suitable hardware features and a mid-range chip that can easily cope with daily tasks and light gaming.

Samsung’s successful formula for the past Galaxy A series is also repeated in A54, with the difference that now Samsung intends to use the design of its flagship phones to show its mid-ranges higher than in the past; An element that has become more important in the last few years: the “feeling of luxury”.

The changes in the strategy of the Koreans have not been free of cost for consumers, and now Samsung is selling its mid-range A50 model at a price of $350 in the A54 model with a 30% increase with a price tag of $450; The price is equal to Google Pixel 6a.

A noticeable increase in price causes Galaxy A54 has a very difficult way to become the best mid-range phone in the market; In continuation with Galaxy A54 review Stay with Zoomit as we put Samsung’s expensive mid-range under the microscope.

Galaxy A54 video review

Design and build quality of Galaxy A54

Galaxy A54 design with Galaxy S23, the latest new Korean flagships, has an undeniable resemblance; So that in the hands of people, it is difficult to get Galaxy A54 and Distinguished the Galaxy S23 Plus. The Koreans have even used a glass back panel instead of plastic for the first time in this model to make it more similar.

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