Samsung Galaxy A34 was seen in different and exciting colors

New renders show the smartphone, apparently manufactured by Samsung, in flashy colors. as Verge He writes, these renders are related to the Samsung Galaxy A34 phone, which is supposed to be produced with a 6.5-inch OLED display and a 48-megapixel main camera. This phone will be equipped with an Exynos processor.

Regarding the technical specifications, there is no strange issue in the Galaxy A34. Most of all, the color of the phone attracts attention. If the renders are accurate, we will probably see budget and mid-range phones with more attractive colors next year.

Many companies active in the budget phone market often produce their devices in black. If you take a look at the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A series phones, you will notice that most of the models are sold in black. In high-end phones like the Galaxy S22, the user’s hand is more open to choose the color.

Apple and Google do a little better than Samsung in terms of the colors of their phones, but the difference between these companies is not so great. The 2022 iPhone SE model is available in black, white and red colors. Google sells the Pixel 6A in black, white, and sage colors. None of these colors are as different and exciting as the ones we see in the Galaxy A34 renders. Other companies such as Motorola and OnePlus generally offer their flagship devices in black and one other color, and they go for more diverse colors in budget devices.

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