Samsung Freestyle 2023 laser projector was introduced with the ability to combine the image of two projectors

During the CES 2023 event, Samsung unveiled the new generation of the Freestyle portable projector. This product uses a circular design and can display images on the wall, table or even on the ceiling. This device uses the same operating system as Samsung smart TVs, which can be used to stream content from streaming services such as Disney Plus, Netflix, etc. The South Korean technology giant will release its new generation laser projector with several new features compared to its previous model.

Instead of a small box-shaped design, the Freestyle 2023 now has a tower-like appearance, which Samsung says makes it better suited to any room design. This projector uses three internal lasers and has a function similar to other short-range laser models, and in fact, it can be used as a television replacement. This product also uses Edge Blending technology, which allows connecting two Freestyle projectors; A feature that helps create a brighter and larger image.

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