Samsung estimated a 52% increase in profit in the fourth quarter of 2021

In its latest report, Samsung announced its revenue estimates for the fourth quarter of 2021. The Korean giant said it expects a combined profit of 76 trillion won (about $ 63.2 billion) and an operating profit of 13.8 trillion won (about $ 11.4 billion). It is worth mentioning that the company will announce the final statistics for the fourth quarter of 2021 in late January (February 1400).

According to Samobile, compared to 2020, the company’s sales are expected to be 23.5 percent and operating profit is likely to be 52.5 percent higher. In addition, sales figures are the highest in its history. Compared to the third quarter of 2021, Samsung’s operating profit decreased by 12.8%. Analysts say the company’s semiconductor chip and smartphone business is doing well.

Throughout 2021, sales of Samsung products broke all records, reaching 279 trillion won (about $ 232 billion). The company’s operating profit for the whole year is likely to be 51.6 trillion won (about $ 42 billion), which is 43.3% more than in 2020 and the third operating profit in its history.

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Sales of Samsung memory chips (DRAM and NAND) have increased dramatically in the last few years due to the telecommuting trend and increasing demand for cloud infrastructure. The shortage of chips decreased slightly in the last quarter, which helped sell more smartphones. Samsung Display also experienced more sales; But investing in QD-OLED panel production has likely reduced overall performance.

Samsung will present the final statistics in detail by the end of January. The company showcased its new products at CES 2022, including new MicroLED TVs, QLED TVs, Neo QLED TVs and Bespoke home appliances. It goes without saying that Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S22 series next month.

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