Samsung converts two large LCD product lines to OLED production

Samsung Display (Samsung Display) last year wanted to completely exit the LCD panel market; But due to rising demand, it changed its exit date.

The company decided again in March 2021 (March 2016) to stop producing LCD; But again, this did not happen. However, now it seems that this time Samsung is determined to take action to shut down its LCD panel production lines completely.

According to gizmochina, the Korean tech giant has already changed several of its product lines to OLED panels. In 2016, the company changed the L7-1 production line to the sixth generation OLED panel production line and renamed it A4-1.

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In this regard, in the first quarter of 2021 (winter of 1399), Samsung converted two other LCD panel production lines (L7-2 and L8-1) into OLED panel production lines. At present, there is only one active LCD panel production line, and Samsung is trying to find a customer for LCD production equipment without using it.

Samsung has set a general timeline for the exit of the LCD panel market, which will continue until 2022 (1401) and the complete cessation of production of LCD panels.

What do you think of Zomit users about stopping the production of Samsung LCD panels?

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