Samsung banned the use of artificial intelligence!

Unconfirmed reports say Samsung is using tools Generative artificial intelligence ChatGPT and Bing and Google have banned Bard for security reasons for their employees.

The Korean tech giant yesterday notified “employees of one of its largest business units” that they are not allowed to use artificial intelligence. Samsung is concerned that employees enter sensitive and confidential information into artificial intelligence platforms and that information goes to external servers and becomes available to others.

According to CNET“Interest in generative AI platforms like ChatGPT has been growing inside and outside the company,” Samsung told its employees. While this interest focuses on the benefits and productivity of AI platforms, there are also concerns about the risks of generative AI.”

Generative AI has gained significant popularity since the end of last year and simultaneously with the public release of GPT chat. ChatGPT is a chatbot that writes plain text and also does coding.

Samsung’s new policy comes as concerns about artificial intelligence are at an all-time high. Some time ago, hundreds of experts and managers of the technology industry called for a 6-month suspension of artificial intelligence in an open letter.

A number of Samsung engineers are said to have uploaded part of the company’s internal source code to ChatGPT.

In a part of Samsung’s statement, it is stated that the company is preparing a safe environment for the optimal use of artificial intelligence and until the necessary systems are provided, access to this technology will be temporarily limited.

The new law prohibits the use of artificial intelligence systems in computers, tablets and phones owned by Samsung.

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