Samsung apparently canceled the production of the S22 FE in order to boost sales of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

The latest report from Korean outlet The Elec suggests that Samsung has halted production of the Galaxy S22 FE model amid supply chain issues and better-than-expected demand for its Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship phone.

This is in line with previous rumors that the Galaxy S22 FE has been cancelled; Because there is no sign of a phone with the model number SM-S900 in Samsung’s listing, if the world’s largest handset manufacturer was planning to release the said model, it should have already appeared with the model number, the software threads being developed.

Samsung has stopped development of the Galaxy S22 FE

The reason for the cancellation of the Galaxy S22 FE is not related to the later than scheduled release of the S21 FE, but rather the lack of chips.

Samsung beat the sales record of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and since its flagship model uses the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip that was supposed to be in the Galaxy S22 FE, the shortage of the chip demanded by Qualcomm caused the cancellation of the S22 FE.

Samsung initially planned to produce 3 million Galaxy S22 FE units; Because Fan Edition series is traditionally welcomed by the market. However, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as the direct heir of the Samsung Note series, has received a great reception due to the use of the S-Pen.

Samsung has sold more than 10 million Galaxy S22 Ultra devices so far; So now that it’s decided to stick with Snapdragons instead of Exynos chips, it needs every high-end phone chip it can get its hands on.

However, the Galaxy S23 FE will be launched

Apparently, the three million chips that were supposed to be used in the Galaxy S22 FE will now be used in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the company will make more profit by increasing the production of its full-fledged flagship.

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In any case, there is no need to worry; Because Samsung has not completely abandoned the Fan Edition series. The report suggests that three million S23 FEs will be produced next year. Hopefully by then the shortage of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (or more likely Gen 2) chips will be resolved.

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