Sales of the Xiaomi Redmi Note reached 240 million units

Today, Xiaomi shared information on a major turning point in its smartphone business. The company has sold 240 million units since the opening of the Redmi Note product line. The announcement came eight months after Xiaomi reached 200 million.

This means that Xiaomi has sold 5 million Redmi Note phones per month, which is equivalent to two phones from this production line per second for eight consecutive months. It should also be noted that the previous months have created many problems for manufacturers due to the corona epidemic and the lack of chips and similar problems.

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Series Redmi Note 11 Have slowly made their way to overseas markets; Where Xiaomi has earned the largest share of revenue in the last few seasons. The mid-range series is always in high demand, and we will probably see 300 million before the end of the year.

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