Salarieh announced the targeting of the space program in three-year intervals

According to Hassan Salarieh, the country’s 10-year space program is in the fields of design and construction of sensing and telecommunication satellites, the field of navigation, as well as in the field of design and construction of various launchers in different weights and in different orbits: Each of the public and private sectors has been divided so that each of them can be active in their specialized fields.

The head of the Iranian Space Organization in an interview with ISNA He informed that the objectives of this program are predicted in three-year periods, and to reach them, all the country’s space sectors must be activated.

Emphasizing that in the next 10 years, the country will become a regional hub in the development of space technologies and the provision of space launch services, he pointed out the details of this document. Based on this, the creation of laboratory infrastructure and services based on space data is one of the other headings of this document, and this program also has various attachments in the field of promotion, information and space economy.

According to Salarieh, the national division of labor is being developed in order to achieve these goals, so that various actors of the space industry in the public sector, universities, and the private sector are active in specialized fields: “In the field of launchers, a national division of labor has also been made, so that the Ministry The defense and air and space systems of the IRGC will be activated in their specialized fields.

In this division of work, a role has been assigned to the knowledge-based companies that they should focus on in the first step in the field of microsatellites and the exploitation of services based on small satellites in the “nano class”.

Last week, during the unveiling ceremony of Nahid 2 and Tolo 3 satellites, Salarieh said about the goals of the country’s space program.

In the same ceremony and on the occasion of Space Technology Day, the Minister of Communications announced that one of the goals of the government is to become an exporter of space services in the region by next year or at the latest by the end of the 13th government.

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