Sakha system; Training to register and work with the law enforcement website

You can see the inquiry of any of the items you need in the query viewing section located on the left side of this table.

3. Border Guard Service; This service includes Application for border crossing permit Of course, it is only for people who live in the provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan, Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan.

To register this request, you need to go through five steps. First, register your information as an applicant for this permit. Next, if you have companions, you should also enter their details and information. In the third step, enter your introduction information and then register the required documents. Finally, after checking all the entered information, you must complete the final registration.

4. police awareness service; This part of Sakha system services includes Open car inquiry, Open engine inquiry And Discovery of property will be

To inquire about open-top cars and motorcycles, after clicking on these options, you must enter the license plate of your desired vehicle and then click on the “Inquiry” option.

By clicking on the open property section, you will be transferred to a page in the open property system (View) where you can file a new case about open property and goods, and you can follow up on the previous cases that you have filed and registered.

5. Traffic police service; The Sakha system in this section is related to Transfer (whether the transfer between the buyer and the seller or the power of attorney to change the license plate), Violations inquiry and provides…

To do things related to Transfer between buyer and seller (or the same numbering) on ​​the right side of the page, click on the option of traffic police services and then transfer (buyer and seller). In the new page that will be displayed to you, you need to read the rules, tick the “I agree” option and then, click on the “Next step” option to start the transfer process for you.

Of course, keep in mind that in this system, you can only register a transfer request and get an in-person appointment. In fact, it is practically impossible to transfer without visiting and checking the car in person.

To register a “transfer between buyer and seller” request, i.e. numbering and receiving an appointment, you must go through several steps: In the first step, select the vehicle and the buyer. Then, submit your request. In the third step, review the request you have registered and then register it.

After registering the application, the process of visiting in person will begin for you. You must show up at the appointed time and place so that the experts can visit and check the vehicle. After the visit, the technical manager’s expert opinion will be provided to you. Next, you pay the numbering fee and finally, if there is no problem, the license plate will be assigned and the card and document will be issued.

If you intend to use related services Power of attorney for license plate replacement use, in the traffic police services section, click on the “Transfer (power of attorney to change license plate)” option. In order to be able to access the services you need, you need to complete the information displayed on the new page.

In the first box, enter information such as the owner’s national code, license plate number, power of attorney document ID, power of attorney confirmation code, etc. Next, in the vehicle condition check section, you must also complete items such as insurance, technical examination, etc.

In the next part, it is necessary to register the information of your vehicle, including country of manufacture, manufacturer, type of fuel, chassis number, engine number, etc. Finally, enter the vehicle owner’s information. This information includes the name, surname and national code of the owner.

After entering all these information and specifications, you can choose to use the option “Observe accidents” or “Declare lost car card”.

Also keep in mind that you can transfer a car in this system only if your car has the following specifications:

  • Have a personal license plate
  • 6. The car is dung
  • Car type (passenger, hatchback, station wagon or work)
  • The buyer must live in Tehran, Isfahan, Karaj, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz or Kerman
  • The buyer’s address must be approved by road or post

6. Preventive police services; In this part of Sakha system services, you can Inquiring about the status of the criminal case Get yours.

To receive this inquiry, click on the option of preventive police services in the right part of your user account in the system, and then click on the option to inquire about the status of the criminal case. With this click, you will be shown a table in which your name, surname, national code and mobile number are entered. At the bottom of this table is the “Show files” option, by clicking on which you can see all the files you have created before and their status.

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