Saipa Atlas and Sahand, facelifted and more luxurious versions of Quick and Saina

In the first period of the country’s automobile industry transformation exhibition, which started on Thursday, the big and small car manufacturers of our country displayed various products and projects that they presented in Pedal exclusive report you saw But Saipa also brought two new products called Atlas and Sahand in this exhibition, and the story of their unveiling took place in a different way.

Saipa had prepared these cars under the cover for the unveiling by the Minister of Industry, but the mischief of one of the journalists in removing the covers and taking pictures and quickly publishing the pictures on social networks before the unveiling by the minister caused Saipa’s plans to unveil these cars to be messed up. Finally, one day later, these two cars left the exhibition without unveiling.

In the following, we will get to know the available information about these cars.

Saipa Atlas

Atlas is a facelifted and more modern version of Quick and has experienced great changes outside. Of course, at the end of 2019, an image of the front view of Atlas was published and it specified its design, but now we can have a detailed and complete look at this new Saipa product. In Atlas, the nose has been completely redesigned and now we see new lights, grille and bumper that are from Ford products, especially the model Ka Plus Active inspired Even the design of the frame of the Atlas fog lights is similar to the aforementioned Ford, while the interior design of the grille with vertical chrome lines is also Jack A5 remembers

Saipa Atlas

At the rear, the designers have tried to create a more modern appearance by moving the license plate holder to the bumper and designing new lights. However, here too, the form of the lights, whose trail is stretched to the door of the box, is a reminder Renault Captur Is. Of course, these inspirations cannot be considered inappropriate for a company like Saipa. Plastic cover with silver trim on the rear bumper and new side mirrors with an interesting design and guide are other exterior features of the Atlas. In general, these changes create a much more modern and beautiful look than the Quick and make the car look more luxurious.

Profile of Saipa Sahand

Saipa Sahand

Like Atlas, Sahand is also a facelift version Saina and has seen many external changes. The front lights of the Sahand are shared with the Atlas, but the grille is completely different and connected to the lights. A little lower, we see a new bumper, the design of which is different from the Atlas and has given Sahand a distinct personality from its cross hatchback counterpart. At the back of Sahand, the designers have tried to create a new and more beautiful look without touching the side part of the lights that are on the fenders, and it must be said that by pulling the lights up to the door of the trunk and moving the license plate holder to the bumper, they succeeded to some extent in doing this. have been.

Saipa Sahand

However, when we look at the side profile of Sahand, which has not experienced any significant changes in order to reduce costs and not change the production formats, it is still similar. Tiba There is a kind of lack of harmony with the new front and rear design of the car. Of course, Saipa has tried to refresh this part with new rims, chrome door handles and chrome trim on the front fenders, but Sahand still shows its old platform.

Saipa Sahand's photo

Inside Saipa Sahand and Atlas

Saipa has completely redesigned the interior of these two new products and prepared a completely new dashboard for them. Sahand and Atlas are the same here. Inside these cars, we see a space with black and red or cream black two-tone trim along with circular chrome air vents, new door covers, a touch screen standing on top of the dashboard and a new designed amp panel. However, some buttons, such as the rear window lock, still belong to the old models, which is an unpleasant issue considering the complete change of the dashboard. Also, the D-shaped steering wheel and the control panel of the ventilation system are also taken from the old Saina and Quick. Of course, the design of this steering wheel still seems acceptable. In general, Sahand and Atlas have found a much more modern look inside, and we just hope that Saipa has worked on improving the quality of the interior material so that we don’t see a completely plastic and low-quality space like Saina and Quick.

Saipa Sahand and Atlas equipment

These two new cars have been upgraded in equipment and facilities. According to Saipa’s banners at the exhibition, Atlas and Sahand are offered in two types one and two, and type two has more equipment such as control buttons on the steering wheel, leather seats, two-tone interior trim, 7-inch screen, rear view camera and sunroof. Also, the Atlas Type 2 is offered with a dual body design similar to the Quick R. Tire air monitoring system, mobile USB charger, and six-way adjustment of the driver’s seat and four-way adjustment of the student’s seat are also among the equipment offered in both models.

Saipa Atlas and Sahand engine and gearbox

Atlas and Sahand are supplied with the same 1.5-liter four-cylinder M15 engine of the Tiba family, which is still eight valves, but by making some changes in the cylinder head and headers, as well as being equipped with a variable valve timing system, its output is slightly increased to 90 horses. The steam of power and 137 Nm of torque has reached. These numbers have increased by 3 hp and 9 Nm compared to the previous version of the M15 engine. This engine complies with Euro 5 emission standards and consumes 7.5 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers. The power transmission of the engine is still done by the same five-speed manual gearbox, but there is also a program to offer a Tiptronic automatic gearbox for these cars, which will probably be the CVT quick automatic gearbox. At the moment, the exact price and release time of Atlas and Sahand are not known, but probably these new cars will go to the market in early 1402 with a price between 230 and 280 million Tomans.

Saipa Atlas specifications

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