S8 Pro Ultra, Roborac’s all-in-one vacuum cleaner, is introduced

Roborac unveiled its flagship robotic vacuum cleaner at CES 2023; A versatile robot that manages house cleaning from zero to one hundred. When you hear the name S8 Pro Ultra, you may think of smartphones produced by Samsung or Apple; But I must say that this product, while being smart, is not a phone. S8 Pro Ultra is the name of the new and smart vacuum cleaner of the Roborac brand, which offers a complete package for cleaning the house.

This robotic vacuum cleaner can handle itself easily. This means, from sweeping the house to cleaning dust and its own body, it does everything without the need of supervision and makes you worry about the cleanliness of the house. to report Androidauthority And according to Roborock’s claim, with this smart vacuum cleaner, you will no longer have to worry about the cleanliness of your home.

Of course, the S8 Pro Ultra is not the first Roborac smart vacuum cleaner; Because this company is currently selling the S7 Max V Ultra in the market, which comes with a docking station called RockDock Ultra. This docking station is where the robot parks itself after cleaning the house. The S8 Pro Ultra will be a newer and more powerful version of its predecessor, which in addition to all the features of the S7 Max V Ultra, will also have stronger suction and a new air drying feature that prevents the growth of mold and unpleasant odors.

Also, the rubber roller brush of the Roborac smart vacuum cleaner has been upgraded compared to the previous version and cleans the debris faster (with a frequency of 3,000 times per second) and more efficiently. The Roborac robotic vacuum cleaner does all the standard tasks of other smart vacuum cleaners, such as obstacle detection, and is also equipped with an app for control and adjustment. The S8 Pro Ultra will launch in April 2023 and is expected to cost more than $1,000.

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