Russian hackers are trying to break into ChatGPT

According to Check Point Software Technologies, a cyber security company, there are a large number of profiteers online looking to hack the ChatGPT chatbot. The company says Russian hackers are trying to bypass regional restrictions on the OpenAI smart chatbot.

written by ZDNet, it is impossible for Russian residents to access ChatGPT chatbot API in normal mode. Check Point Institute did not say how it was able to detect hackers’ attempts to gain unauthorized access to ChatGPT. A Check Point executive says Russian hackers are simply a group of people looking for a way to break into ChatGPT: “This tool is going to be used by both good guys and bad guys.”

Check Point’s manager says hackers have developed a new exploit called DAN that can bypass OpenAI’s designed security systems and force ChatGPT to generate content such as hateful texts. OpenAI has implemented various systems to ensure the health of ChatGPT.

According to security researchers, so far no zero-day vulnerability has been seen in ChatGPT. The most likely type of exploit to take advantage of ChatGPT’s capabilities would be an “enhanced example of phishing attacks”. In theory, hackers can use ChatGPT to create more persuasive texts, increasing the likelihood of a successful phishing attack.

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