Russian cosmonaut broke the record for the longest stay in space

Russian cosmonaut broke the record for the longest stay in space

Oleg Kononenko, a Russian cosmonaut currently aboard the International Space Station, recently broke the record for longest non-continuous time in space. The new record, which will be steadily increased until he returns to Earth later this year, may stand for years.

TASS, Russian state news agency, February 4 Announced 59-year-old Kononenko has taken his place by breaking the previous record for the most non-continuous presence in space, which belonged to Gennady Padalka, another Russian cosmonaut. Padalka’s record is 878 days, 11 hours, 29 minutes and 38 seconds.

Kononenko is currently on his fifth mission to the International Space Station since his first flight in 2008. According to Space.comHe began his latest mission by arriving at the station last September 15 and is expected to remain there until September 23, 2024. By then, Kononenko will spend 1,110 days in space.

To understand the enormity of Kononenko’s record, it should be noted that when he returned to Earth, approximately 1.5% of the total time spent in space by more than 600 humans in the past 63 years, since the first human space flight by Yuri Gagarin, belonged to It will be to Kononenko.

Kononenko’s record will extend to 1,110 days by the time he returns to Earth in September 2024

Currently, it is not clear whether Kononenko’s current presence in space will be his last mission or not. However, he told TASS that the astronaut job is getting more complicated and preparing for missions has not gotten easier over time.

Regardless of any future missions, Kononenko’s record-breaking time in space will help scientists learn more about the physiological effects of life in space, such as muscle atrophy, bone loss, vision loss and balance impairment.

Kononenko’s record is unlikely to be broken for a long time, as the next 10 holders of the record for the longest non-continuous stay in space, nine of whom are from Russia or the former Soviet republics, have either retired or passed away.

In the top ranks of the list, almost only the names of Russian cosmonauts can be seen; Because Roscosmos (the Russian space agency) allows its astronauts to spend longer periods of time in space than NASA astronauts.

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The next active astronaut on the list is Sergei Prokopiev, who currently ranks 12th with 567 non-continuous days in space. However, Roscosmos is expected to fully depart the International Space Station by 2025; This means that Prokopiev and other cosmonauts will not be able to increase their records until Russia launches its new station.

The only American and female astronaut in the top 10 is Peggy Whitson of NASA, who is in ninth place with 675 non-consecutive days spent on four missions on the International Space Station. This title is a remarkable achievement because, since women are at higher risk of developing cancer from ionizing radiation in space, NASA usually allows men to spend the longest time in space.

The longest continuous stay in space also belongs to the Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov. Between 1994 and 1995, he lived in the former Mir space station for 437 consecutive days.

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