Russia fined Meta and Google for not deleting illegal content

A Russian court on Friday fined Google 7.2 billion rubles ($ 98 million) for repeatedly failing to remove content it deems illegal. Although Russia has fined several tech companies for failing to comply with laws restricting its Internet content, a Russian court has for the first time imposed a Google fine on Friday based on its annual revenue.

According to Angjet, four Russian courts have fined Meta (and its subsidiary, Instagram) 2 billion rubles ($ 27.15 million) for similar offenses; According to Reuters, Meta is accused of failing to remove about 2,000 banned items, while Google reportedly failed to remove 2,600 items of illegal content. These include posts promoting drug use or dangerous behaviors, giving instructions for making handguns and explosives, and other similar options.

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Google has said it will review the court documents before taking any further action. The company has 10 days to appeal. Russia’s recent ruling is one of the steps taken by the country’s officials to control not only the national network, but the entire Internet. It is said that even Russian officials have asked technology companies to set up local servers for the country.

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