Running hundreds of thousands of iPad applications; Will Apple’s headset get off to a strong start?

written by Bloomberg, Apple mixed reality headset “Hundreds of thousands” The app will run on the iPad to attract a large number of users who are eager to buy this product from the very beginning. Apple is trying to target consumers with its mixed reality headset in addition to developers.

In order to satisfy ordinary users, Apple publishes a variety of applications, including games and health apps, and e-readers for the mixed reality headset. Headset users can also watch sports matches in virtual reality and experience quality games with other Apple-compatible devices.

Mixed reality headset for most major apps iPad will run Books, Camera, FaceTime, Maps, and Messages. In addition, “hundreds of thousands” of various iPad applications will be run on the headset from the time of release.

In the mixed reality headset, Apple is specifically focusing on the Fitness app, sources say. Of course, this application will probably not be available at the time of the headset’s release and will be released later.

Apple’s mixed reality headset is supposed to be equipped with an external battery that connects to the device through a dedicated magnetic port. This battery will provide only two hours of charge for the headset.

Apple’s mixed reality headset is rumored to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference; The conference is scheduled for June 15.

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