Rulers on the right to play Qaemmushk; Cats that are masters of hiding

Cats are known for their bizarre behaviors. This inherent strangeness is what makes them more lovable to us. In this shutter, we take a look at one of the extraordinary powers of cats, a power that makes their owners nervous to the point of insanity, and it is nothing but a combination with the environment! The only possible reason for this amount of mastery in standing up might just be to take on the invisible Harry Potter cape!

In the following, you can see pictures of the rulers of Ghaem Moshk game. Let’s see in some of the pictures below you can find the ruler.

Cat on the parquet

Cat on a Paddy

How cats move around and perceive the world through their senses is a fascinating and complex subject. To better understand their perception of the world, we must first look at cats’ unique sense of hearing, smell, and sight, and how these senses relate to each other. In general, cats have a good sense of smell, sharp hearing and precise vision that help them move in familiar environments.

Cats use their sense of smell, hearing and sight to move around. They have more than 200 million olfactory receptors. So in comparison with humans, who have only five million olfactory receptors, you can imagine how different our species are in terms of sense of smell.

Cats have a biological wonder when it comes to hearing. While the hearing range of cats and humans is similar, felines have longer ear canals that allow them to hear farther sounds.

The sight of cats is also unique in the way these animals move. Cats, although nearsighted, have three conical cells that allow them to see a wide range of colors.

Cats in nature

Cats on dogs

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Cats hide for a variety of reasons, such as fear and caution in the valley against unfamiliar objects or guests. Such behavior on the part of cats is normal and usually does not apply to pet owners. If the cat hides for a long time, the situation is different and may be a sign of the cat living in a stressful or unfavorable environment. However, each cat has individual characteristics, to the extent that some cats are more self-reliant than others.

The cat on the carpet design

The cat behind the curtain

The cat behind the frame

Cats’ tendency to hide can be related to their instincts and the fact that they feel safe when they hide. Cats’ instincts as predators often dictate such behavior to them. A cat needs more time to get acquainted with a new pet in the house. In contrast to dogs, cats choose to hide as a coping mechanism to cope with their anxiety or fear.

Another reason that can make a cat want to hide may be the experience of trauma caused by a conflict with other animals. So if your cat has an unpleasant experience of fighting other animals, it is not surprising that he chooses a behavior such as hiding to cope with the acquired anxiety.

The cat under the blanket

Cat in the woods

Potted cat

Patterned cat

The cat in the box

The cat under the rug

The cat is under the drawer

Cats in the garden

The cat under the duvet

The cat in the barn

Hope you enjoy this part of the shutter. Did you manage to find the cat in the pictures above?

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