Rubika’s response to the report “Why did Rubika face the Google Security Shield warning?”

Yesterday, a report titled “Why did Rubica get a Google Security Shield warning?” It was published on the Zomit site, and in it, referring to the opinions of experts, it was discussed about the issues that may have influenced Google’s decision to display a security warning when installing the Rubika application on Android phones. Today, on the 9th of November, Rubika reacted to some of these cases in this text and provided explanations in this regard. The full text of this answer is given below:

1- In a part of the report, it is stated that “users’ complaints about the Rubika application in the comments section of the Play Store and violations of this platform” caused the removal of Rubika from the Play Store a year ago. In this regard, the image of Google’s official email sent to Rubika on the same date stating that “while apologizing to you, following the laws related to Iran sanctions, we cannot host you on the Play Store” is sent to enlighten public opinion. The publication of the original image is mandatory and enlightening that Rubika was removed from the Play Store from the beginning, not because of technical and security problems, but simply because of international sanctions laws, a problem that happened to many platforms and domestic applications and continues to be considered Repeated searches by Rubika have not been resolved for this application.

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2- It is mentioned in the report that “some experts believe that the problem of Google’s recent security warning is due to changes caused by updates applied to Google’s security protocols.” It should be noted that according to the investigations and analysis results of the Rubika security team, no updates have been made to Google’s security protocols. Although Rubica does not have a panel to receive updates and new information due to removal from the Play Store, the technical teams always monitor the security issues of the application and Google protocols and are aware of all updates.

3- Regarding the clause of not having a license from the Regulatory and Radio Communications Organization, it should be said that Rubika has all the necessary licenses in the fields of activity, including messaging, from the Ministry of Communications as an upstream institution. In the link related to the mentioned report, “the list of messengers registered in the regulatory organization” is published, which does not mean the list of “licensed messengers”.

4- In another paragraph of the report, referring to “not having a license for the messenger by Rubica”, which was also explained in paragraph 3 of this answer, it is cited that “because this Iranian application does not have a license inside the country, therefore, by platforms and companies “International is also diagnosed with a fault.” It is worth mentioning that Rubica has been present in all reputable and global stores for more than 5 years without any problems, and if there was a problem, it would have been mentioned in all these years.

5- In a part of the report, it is said that “when updating the Rubika application, a new version is placed next to the old version, and practically two Rubika applications appear on the user’s phone, and this is also effective in announcing the cumulative statistics of Rubika installation in Cafe Bazaar.” » It is worth mentioning that due to the banning of Rubica by Google and the removal of this application from the Play Store, in order to solve the installation problem, after the investigations, the only possible way is to create another package name for the application, and this causes the installation of two applications. At the same time, it was only done during the update and on some phones. This matter was informed at the time of the problem, and it is not considered a problem from a technical point of view. Although this problem was also solved very soon.

At the end of this answer, it is worth mentioning some important points. Rubika, as a people-oriented Iranian platform and in line with its professional values ​​and ideals, since the first day of the problem of Google’s security issue, it pursued the issue from various international sources and used all its efforts to resolve it. Since the users and audiences of Rubika are considered the greatest value and asset of this super application, in order to reassure the users and public opinion, he issued the announcement on the first day and promised to follow up and publish additional information.

It is important that, as this answer is being written, the Play Store security problem regarding Rubik’s has been resolved and does not send an error. This is despite the fact that there have been no noticeable changes in the source or technical issues of the application, and only a few minor changes unrelated to security issues have been made. Also, in response to Rubika’s official request to provide the reasons for the security problems, while apologizing to Rubika, Google has promised to follow up and fix the problems by Play Store within the next 48 hours, and its documentation, if necessary, after completing the documents, will be sent to You will be notified.

As a result, Rubika, by re-emphasizing the privacy of its users and maintaining the quality and speed of services, is trying to respond to the people and public opinion with complete transparency, and it will not give up any efforts to achieve this goal. Just as the CEO of Rubika has invited all specialists, experts and journalists in the field of technology to visit Rubika and stay in direct contact with the technical and security processes of this collection and share any questions or doubts with Rubika’s experts and specialists. . We hope that soon, we will not only see the removal of restrictions and blockages from the country’s internet space, but that we will be able to be with the people and for them in a competitive, professional environment and away from technology sanctions.

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